Newsletter: Sunday 15th July, 2018

The pagoda garden, on yet another scorching afternoon

Asalha Puja and the Beginning of the Rains Retreat are fast approaching. The former will take place on Friday 27th, the latter on the 28th, and we will hold our public celebration of both on Sunday 29th. As with our Vesakha Puja event, we will be hosting it over at Bhavana Dhamma, where there is ample parking and no chance of disturbing the neighbours. A new, 12m x 9m heavy duty marquee is in the post, and we’re looking forward to using it as the main meeting hall/shrine room. A few pairs of hands will be needed to erect it, so if you’re free on the afternoon of Saturday 28th, please come along if you can. The festival itself will begin at 10 am on the Sunday.

Setting aside the complicated business of getting there, Luangpor spent a pleasant few days among the fjords of western Norway last weekend. He led a group of monks in opening Luangpor Kampong’s new monastery in Grimo, Norderland. Apart from spending time at the monastery itself, Luangpor was treated to a couple of tours to admire the spectacular local scenery, the first of which included spotting a giant glacier carving its way through the mountains (visible in the photo above, centre right).

On Thursday afternoon Luangpor had a visit from Mike Kavanagh, the Chaplain General of the Prison Service, and Michelle, who for many years has been a mainstay and enormous help and support at Prison Service Chaplaincy HQ. They will both be retiring within the next few weeks. Crane and Jan organised two traditional Thai gifts to be sent from Thailand, and they arrived just in time for Luangpor to present them to Mike and Michelle.

On the following evening, during the public meditation sitting, Luangpor spoke about how the practices of Samatha and Vipassana – concentration and insight – ought not to seen as separate, but rather as two sides of the same coin; and he reminded us of those well-known words of the Buddha: ‘There is no concentration without wisdom, nor wisdom without concentration…’

To conclude a full week, Luangpor visited Hartridge monastery in Devon today (Sunday), where he presided over a robe offering ceremony that included a huge and generous donation towards their new Dhamma hall. And he was also treated to a few surprise early birthday cakes…

At Hartridge Monastery

While Luangpor was away in Norway, Ajahn Manapo led the previous week’s Friday evening sitting (above). His talk focussed on the events following the Buddha’s Enlightenment and leading up to his meeting with the Five Ascetics, when he taught what we now know as the Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta – Setting Rolling the Wheel of Truth, during which he laid out his essential message: the Four Noble Truths and the Noble Eightfold Path.

On Tuesday, Ajahn Manapo will be off to Southam College, where a conference entitled ‘The Big Question’, and which will involve several schools, will take place. Then that should be it for school visits until September.

Tomorrow morning, Luangpor, Ajahn Manapo and Ross will travel to Khun Ting’s Thai restaurant in Nottingham for a meal invitation. Khun Ting has been a great supporter of the Hermitage for a long time, and for the past few years has invited us all up there to celebrate not only her birthday, which is on the 16th, but also Luangpor’s, which falls on the 17th. You might be surprised to hear that it will be Luangpor’s 74th. Let’s hope he remains as fit, active and bright for many years to come.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday were a blur of activity as Andy, assisted by Ajahn Manapo, Ross, Matt and Lot, stripped and re-roofed the back porch. It’s now pretty much complete on the outside, and so only the refitting of the inside and cladding of the external walls remain to be done.