Begging Bowl

We are Closed because of the coronavirus.


We’d better mention

Out of  compassion and concern for the well-being of other creatures, we eat only vegetarian and avoid all meat and fish.


Everything here drains into a septic tank so we have to be careful to use only environmentally friendly cleaning products, such as the Bio-D and Ecozone ranges (you’ll also find many other ethical brands on that website). Ecover is also acceptable although it doesn’t rate as highly as the others on the ethical scale.

These are most needed products:
Toilet Cleaner, Limescale Remover, Washing up liquid, Bathroom Cleaner and Non-Bio Laundry Liquid.

And we’d better say

We have gallons of bottled water and actually our tap water is spring water, so please there’s no need to bring bottled water.

Protect the environment and don’t use water bottled in plastic bottles.