Application to Stay at the Forest Hermitage

Please read the Staying at the Forest Hermitage page before filling in this form.

NOTE: If you are applying to attend a Bhavana Dhamma retreat, please use this form, after reading the information found here.

We are currently having problems with our online form, so please copy and paste the following questions, with your answers, in an email to:

1. When would you like to stay?
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12. Do you have any physical or mental problems or require prescribed medication?:
13. Please give brief details of previous experience of meditation and any retreats:
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The Forest Hermitage Conditions:
I have read the information on the ‘Staying at the Forest Hermitage‘ page and, if accepted, I will live by the eight precepts and follow the traditions and routine to the best of my ability. I also accept that I stay at my own risk and that any work I undertake is done on a voluntary basis.

Please Note: Acceptance is at the discretion of the Abbot.

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