Songkran at the Forest Hermitage, 13 April 2014

We invite you to join us in celebrating Songkran, the Thai, Burmese and Sri Lankan New Year.

The programme:

10 am: Arrival.

10:30 am: Morning chanting. Taking of three refuges and five precepts.

11 am: Offering of food to Sangha. Vegetarian lunch to share.

12:30 pm: Bathing of the Buddha image, Sangha members, and each other!

1:15 pm: Dhamma Talk and offering of requisites to Sangha.
2 pm:  Finish.

Bring vegetarian food to eat and share!

There will be a free coach coming from London, leaving at 8am from Marylebone Station, anyone who would like to come on that please contact Khun Gung on 07561 306282.

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