Vesakha Puja and Renovation Update

We had our Vesakha Puja celebration here on Sunday. The weather could not have been better as a crowd of about 100 turned up to remember the Buddha’s life and Teachings and take part in the festivities. We’ll post some photos soon. Just under £1000 was raised. Anumodana to everybody who took part!

We are also very pleased to say that the renovation work is almost complete.

The Shrine Room windows are finished. We have two double-glazed tilt-and-turn windows behind the shrine, which are also frosted so as not to detract from the shrine. There is also a new window on the end wall to the right. In the photos you can also see Andy’s handy brick work on the outside of the shrine room wall where the old windows had been,

You can also see our lovely new guest room upstairs. Andy put up the new wall and did the electrics and plumbing, while Ajahn Manapo attended to the cracks in the ceiling, decorated it, and built the cupboards. John our friendly carpet fitter put in the new carpet.

So, all we have left now is to fit the new water system and get the meditation cushions and bamboos for the hedge. And, of course, pay for it all!

We have now raised over £9,000 towards the renovation appeal. So that means just over £15,000 to go toward our goal is £25,000. Anumodana and well done to everybody who has contributed!

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