About the BDF

The Buddha-Dhamma Fellowship is the organisation of lay people that looks after the material needs of the Sangha, the monks and nuns at the Forest Hermitage. The Fellowship has responsibility for the provision of food and transport for the Sangha, as well as the finances, maintenance and general upkeep of the Forest Hermitage buildings and gardens. The partnership between the Sangha and the lay community is an important aspect of Buddhist life. The Sangha offers teaching and advice, while laywomen and laymen provide the Sangha with material support. It has been this way since the time of the Buddha, more than 2,500 years ago.

Membership of the Buddha-Dhamma Fellowship is open to all lay followers of the Forest Hermitage. To join all we ask is for you to complete a simple form to tell us your name, how to contact you, and what help you are able to offer, including making a regular donation. The cultivation of generosity, or dāna, is an important part of Buddhist practice. Donations of money are always welcome because running the Forest Hermitage is an expensive business. You can also help by donating some of your time, perhaps to help in the garden, or with general repairs.

As a member you will be able to vote at the annual general meetings. A committee is elected to represent all members of the Fellowship. Any full member is eligible to serve on the committee.

Any help you can offer is always welcome. If you would like to join the Buddha-Dhamma Fellowship then you will find a membership form and, for regular donations of money, a standing order form in the Forest Hermitage. If you have Internet access then you can also request a form by emailing us at: bdf@foresthermitage.org.uk