Monthly Archives: November 2014

Louise, The Huffington Post and I.

On November 17th, a young lady called Louise came to see me. She had graduated from Warwick and was now working for the online newspaper, The Huffington Post. Her purpose in coming to The Forest Hermitage that day was to interview me for a series she was doing called Beyond Belief, which was intended to chronicle the remarkable lives of Britons who’ve taken on their faith to create a force for change.

The result of our meeting that afternoon was published in the Huffington Post a little over a week later, first under the heading From Stage to Sage and then later as The Monk Who Gave Up Acting With Laurence Olivier To Lead Buddhism In British Prisons.

As well as the chat, some stories and a few fairly recent shots of me it contains, published for the first time in nearly fifty years, a couple of old black and white photos of me with the National Theatre at The Old Vic in the sixties.

If it’s still live, you can find it here.