Monthly Archives: February 2016

Lord Avebury died today, Sunday, 14th February.


Today I had intended to write up and with a few photos publish an account of my recent trip to Thailand and Burma. Only last Sunday I spent some time at the bedside of my great friend and Patron of Angulimala, the Buddhist Prison Chaplaincy, Eric, Lord Avebury, and showed him some photos of the Ajahn Chah Memorial Day and the three days that Ajahn Manapo and I had spent in Burma last month. Eric was very frail but quite lucid and we discussed what he would like at his funeral and the memorial to mark his passing, which he well knew to be imminent. ‘It’s all right, it can’t be helped,’ was how he viewed it. Earlier, with Lyulph, his eldest son, I had been to visit the family burial ground where his body will be interred. He was pleased to know that the snowdrops were in bloom.


Now he’s gone. He passed peacefully away shortly before 2am this morning.

Eric, so sorry you had to go but that’s the way of it and as you so often said, it can’t be helped. Thank you so much, for all you did for Angulimala, the Buddhist Prison Chaplaincy, of which you were the Patron for so many years, for all you did for prisoners and the oppressed, for being such a shining example and not least for turning me onto computers and modern technology. I’m so glad we were able to have some time together last Sunday and that I was able to speak to you on the phone a couple of days ago. All the very best for a good rebirth and may you attain the ultimate and secure peace of Nibbana.