URGENT NEED for a Live-In Helper

We are in urgent need of help, we need someone who can help with cooking, who can help us look after our two properties and who can help us manage and organise our retreats and events.

We offer accommodation and food, a beautiful place to stay and a great opportunity for some worthwhile practice.

If you think this might suit you, please get in touch as soon as possible.


Retreat Service
We are looking for people, especially previous retreatants, to help us run the retreats.
Here are three ways you can help:
1. Cooking
(For weekend and longer retreats only)
  • If you would like to cook for a retreat please look at the programme above and decide when you would like to help.
  • You can either come just for the morning, or stay for the duration of the retreat to cook all the meals.
  • If you come just for a morning you will need to arrive at Bhavana Dhamma in time to prepare the vegetarian meal for 11 am.
  • The number of retreatants averages 10 – 12.
  • Bhavana Dhamma kitchen should have all the facilities you require.
  • You are most welcome to cook for one day or for as many as you like.
For more information please contact us.
2. One-Off Retreat Manager
(previous Bhavana Dhamma retreatants only)
You might be interested in helping to run a retreat. You would participate in the retreat for part of the time and spend the rest helping to manage the retreat.
Responsibilities include:
  • Arriving a day or so early in order to prepare the cottage.
  • Welcoming retreatants on arrival and giving the induction talk.
  • (OPTIONAL) Cooking for the retreatants (you don’t need to be a Gordon Ramsey or Delia Smith!).
  • Ringing the bell.
  • Generally keeping an eye on things; ensuring people are well; being on hand should any retreatants have problems.
  • Being responsible for opening up the cottage and shrine room in the mornings and locking up at night.
  • Tidying up after the retreat; looking after washing etc.
  • You may have your own private room.
  • You will be required to attend the 6 am morning sitting and 8 pm evening sitting. Apart from that you are free to join in as you please.
  • You may use your private time to read Dhamma books in your room.
  • All other protocols will apply i.e. not talking unless necessary, keeping the eight precepts, etc.
This is an opportunity to develop not only your virtue and meditation practice but also your generosity. A great opportunity to help yourself and others cultivate the Dhamma!
Contact us for more information.

3. Full-Time Retreat Manager
If you would like to live at Bhavana Dhamma, as part of the Forest Hermitage’s community, for an extended period of time to organise and manage the retreats then that could be possible. Managing the retreats would entail responsibilities listed under part-time manager as well as administration work, maintaining the property (painting and gardening skills would be very useful) etc. You would also have plenty of time for personal practice in a retreat setting. Please contact us if you are interested in this position.

Our lifestyle and what we can offer in the way of Dhamma all depends on what others can offer us in the way of help and support.

Our one meal of the day is usually at around 10:30 or 11:00. If you would like to contribute to that you’re very welcome. It’s really illegal here in England for us to go on an alms round even if we had many houses nearby with people who understood us. So we hope you might be able to come to us. We eat practically anything that’s vegetarian. Not wanting other creatures to be killed or hurt and to encourage our followers to keep the precepts and lead as harmless a life as possible we strictly avoid meat and fish.

There are always things to do to maintain our two properties and to manage and support the retreats and the work we do and so we do hope for and welcome your support.

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