Monday and Friday meditations 
are now available on Zoom at 8pm.
Meeting ID: 928 2943 2020
Passcode: 909442

What do we teach?

The two complementary Buddhist practices of mindfulness-of-breathing and loving-kindness are the principal forms of meditation taught at the Forest Hermitage. The practice of mindfulness is emphasised at all times.

Mindfulness-of-breathing provides us with a simple yet powerful way to tame our wandering minds. This practice leads to peace, but most importantly an ability to see things clearly. In Buddhism we call this clear seeing ‘Vipassana’ – ‘Insight’.

Loving-kindness is an excellent antidote for a host of mental ailments, including that old chestnut: self-dislike. We refer to loving-kindness as a protection, as it protects both ourselves and others from the damage and destruction caused by anger and hatred.

When can I come to meditate?

Our Monday and Friday meditation evenings are currently in progress. There is simultaneous online meetings using zoom.

Mondays and Fridays, 8 – 9:30 pm.

Note : The monastery main gate will be closed 5 minutes before the start of the sittings and reopen afterwards. This measure is taken in order to avoid any disturbance during the sitting and due to the fact that we are hosting the meditation online simultaneously.

If you’re planning to attend in person, please use a mask, consider taking a lateral flow test in advance and plan to arrive by 7:45 pm at the latest.

We open the evenings with a short piece of chanting in Pali – the language of the oldest record of the Buddha’s Teachings. This serves to energise and uplift the body and mind in preparation for the rest of the session. Following this detailed meditation instruction is given. At about 9 pm there is a Dhamma Talk on an aspect of the Buddha’s Teachings, before we conclude with a brief period of meditation with the development of metta – loving-kindness – for ourselves and all beings.

Tea is sometimes served at 9:30 for those who wish to stay. It is during this time that you are free to ask any questions about meditation and Buddhist teaching.

Anything else I need to know?

When you arrive someone will welcome you and explain what happens and where to go.

There’s no charge and there’s no need to book, you’re simply invited to join us for the evening.

There’s plenty of room to park.

The dress code: modest and comfortable.

Chairs: we encourage all meditators to become familiar with sitting on the floor using a cushion or kneeling stool. People sometimes think this is beyond their abilities but end up surprising themselves. We do, however, understand that because of an injury or illness you may not be able to manage without a chair and in which case we’ll be happy to provide one.