Recommended Reading

Web Sites

  •, including teachings and photos. But unfortunately this site hasn’t been updated for years and includes videos for which we believe permission has not been granted by the BBC.
  • Access to Insight, an amazing site. Includes many teachings from the veteran Thai forest masters.
  • Sutta Central, early Buddhist texts, translations and parallels, including some of Bhikkhu Bodhi’s excellent translations.


The Pali Canon

There are so many books on Buddhism. Unfortunately, many of them tell you more about the author than the Dhamma. Why not read what the Buddha actually said?

The Tipitika – ‘the ‘Three Baskets’, i.e. the Pali Canon – is the collection of the Buddha’s original teachings. There are some wonderful translations of most of the Sutta Pitika – the ‘Basket of Discourses’ – available. Perhaps the best ones to begin with are the anthologies. The Life of the Buddha, by Bhikkhu Nanamoli, is excellent.

The full texts of the Sutta Pitika:


Buddhist books of a general nature