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Luang Por Khemadhammo

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Observe & Learn   30/12/13.

Monday, August 5th, in the Shrine Room

Friday evening outside, 26/7/13


Luang Por Khemadhammo’s life story

On Sunday 18 October a group of current and ex-Warwick University students recorded Luangpor talking about his life. Where did he begin? With his birth. What follows that is an account of his life, including who he has known (Laurence Olivier, the Beatles and of course Ajahn Chah, to name a few); and his journey from an orthodox Christian upbringing, to London, rebellion and acting, to meditation, to a retreat that changed his life, to the monasteries of Northeast Thailand, to returning to the UK, to founding Angulimala and the Forest Hermitage, to his life and practice since. Not many autobiographies can match this one.

Part 1 (1hr 2mins)

Part 2 (54 mins) 13 Dec 2009

Reflections on the Mangala Sutta. 16th April 2010

The Four Noble Truths (28 mins) 4 Jan 2010

Watching your buffalo (16 mins) 1 January 2010

Rousing talk to the monks at Wat Pah Nanachat, NE Thailand (15.45 mins) 17 Oct 2009

‘Bending the Dhamma – Buddhism & the Armed Forces’ (19 mins) 29 Sept 2009

‘Constructive Criticism and Understanding Death’ (16 mins) 26 Sept 2009

‘Searching for Answers – Dependent Origination’ (28 mins)


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  1. Christine Dowling

    I am so pleased to see the new contributions to the website and look forward to continuing to listen carefully to the talks. I listened closely to all of the preceding Dhamma talks and feel they are so helpful. I remember very well the first time I heard you talk; it was when you came to the Burma Cyclone Appeal in Oxford – I think at the request of my son Christopher. I’m so grateful that the wonders of technology can bring us such personal communications. Thank you, with metta, Christine Dowling


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